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When CAD replaced the drafting board, there was a revolutionary shift in the drafting process. The process of drawings being passed to designers and on to  detailers, tracers and/or an inker was replaced by CAD software. Now everything is digital we don’t get a physical sheet drawing until the design is over.

Similarly, the traditional plotter has been replaced by Wide Format Printers, but there are a few things to consider when selecting the printer that will suit your needs. Questions like:

What Do You Need To Print?

      • Every company and different design industries are going to have different printing needs. First, determine what your firm prints, including, the size of the drawings and how often each size your company produces.
      • Secondly, will you be printing multiple sheet sets? These are just the basic questions.

 Who Will Be Printing?

Think about the end users. Will multiple users be printing at the same time? Might there be a need for more than one printer to handle the workload?

Colour or Black and White?

Perhaps one department needs the ability to produce color exhibits and another not? Or maybe it will be cheaper to only print colour on the colour printer and have a second printer for black and white?

These are just some of the questions that we will address when determining your CAD needs.

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