Protection an Recycling is Important to us
Environmental protection is important to us; we were winners of a Somerset Environmental Business Initiative, Environmental Improvement Award. And we are committed to reducing both the impact our business has on the environment and that of our customers too.

Our close partnership with some of the world’s leading office equipment manufacturers ensures that the products we supply are all ROHS-compliant and that the disposal of end-of-life hardware both meets with and exceeds the requirements of the WEEE directive.

Commited to Recycling

In addition we encourage recycling of consumables through manufacturers’ own recycling programmes. Our partners guarantee that all redundant office equipment is processed in the most cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way. UK manufacturing sites are geared up to recycle selected devices and give them a second life; some are completely re-manufactured, which includes the addition of all relevant software and firmware upgrades, these are then offered for re-sale; and those beyond economical repair, are stripped down and each and every part sorted by material for recycling.